Vigo Video

Vigo Video is a video making app designed to help people showcase their creativity and earn money by creating funny short videos and sharing them across social media platforms. It is available for download on Google Play Store and Apple Store for both Android and iOS devices. Persons above 16 years are only legally permitted to use this app.

Even though it was designed with a deep love for video makers, it is an entertaining worldwide social platform with millions of funny videos on different profiles that will keep you happy the whole day. The videos are usually 15 seconds long.

This app uses Al technology and is available on 150+ markets across the world. Vigo Video app is owned by Byte Dance a Chinese based internet company.

Vigo Video was looking to introduce its new App to the U.S. market and wanted to launch in a big way with an influencer program.

Deyaa Marketing planned and executed the Vigo Video influencer campaign designed to have a massive reach in the U.S.

We launched the campaign with King Bach and his various social media channels.

We were able to reach over 50 million of his followers. Our plan contributed to the Vigo Video App of 200K downloads within the first few weeks.

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